Tuesday, July 28, 2009


We are always getting asked "what size fabric circles do I cut to fit my button?"
You don't have to cut circles but it certainly makes it easier and neater to do so. Following is a guide as to what size you should precut your fabric for each size button. 
19mm Button - 40mm diameter circle
23mm Button - 45mm diameter circle
28mm Button - 55mm diameter circle
38mm Button - 65mm diameter circle
45mm Button - 75mm diameter circle
These measurements are a guide only, it also depends on thickness of fabric, play around yourself and see what works for you. 
Remember pattern placement is very important, when cutting your fabric, make sure the print you want in the middle of the button is in the middle of the fabric circle!
If you want to buy your fabric circles already precut, they are available in the store
Always consider thickness of fabrics when making buttons, lightweight cottons are perfect for all size buttons, linens are best with size 28mm buttons and larger, cord, velvet, upholstery fabrics and chenille will only fit in 38mm or 45mm buttons.
Remember if you are using a silk, lycra or any other stretchy fabric you may need to use a thin cotton lining behind the silk to stop slipping.


Well its been a long time coming but here at Jackobindi we have finally jumped on board on got ourselves a BLOG. For those new to "Jackobindi" we are a online shop selling self cover buttons and all the accesories needed for your crafting projects. Along side a wide variety of self button sizes we also stock hair elastics, snap clips, brooch backings, pendant bails, magnets and just instore now some extra cool paperclips that make fabulous bookmarks (now thats one for the boys!!) But don't stress, if you're not the crafty type but love what we do, we also cater for your needs and sell some gorgeous fabric button accessories and stationery for your purchase. 

We don't profess to be the most tech savvy people in the world but we do hope to bring you some fun and inspiring tutorials (as soon as we work how to!!) along with some of our new finds and some of the products currently available in our store

We would love to use this opportunity through our blog to show off some of our fabulous designer friends (check out our friends of Jackobindi list) and the wonderful work they do. (also coming soon!!) 

Thanks for stopping by - we'll be back soon enough with a new post (thanks for your help Amanda!)

Kerrie x