Monday, November 30, 2009


It's only 26 days to Christmas!! How about making a gorgeous Fabric Button Christmas Wreath!!?
This divine wreath was so easy to make.
Firstly order some buttons from Jackobindi
I used about 80 buttons (40 x 38mm, 20 x 28mm and 20 x 23mm) You can use any size but this worked well on the wreath. When ordering request Flat Backs so you dont have to pull the shanks out yourself. It is probaly more economical to order a 50 pack of 38mm and 25 packs of the 28mm and 23mm and have a few left over for other uses (or bunch up the buttons more and use the lot!)
Collect some lovely co-ordinating fabrics or use scraps. I chose a selection from Moda plus some vintage florals. You may choose to use tradional Christmas fabrics.
 The polystyrene wreath bases are available from Spotlight or any good craft store for around$10.00.
Firstly wrap your base with some fabric strips to cover the polystyrene (I used about 60mm wide strips). Then choose your fabrics and make the buttons (I used FLAT BACKS but you can always pull the shanks out if you buy shank backs). I then used a hot glue gun to adhere the buttons to the wreath, you need to hold them in place for about 10 seconds with heaps of glue on the edges. Keep layering the buttons in random order, using mainly the 38mm on the bottom.
Once all the buttons were in place, I then hot-glued some silver tinsel around the outside.
Quick and Easy!
This is a great activity to do with the kids...they will love it!