Monday, June 13, 2011


Jackobindi Is now on Facebook!!
Everyone who joins us and "likes" us on facebook wll receive a FREE $10 SAMPLER PACK! (leave message in the inbox on facebook with your name and address and we will send you one)
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Wednesday, June 8, 2011


JACKOBINDI have come along way in the past 5 years !!
We started making and selling Fabric Cover Button finished products in stores and markets, then 4 years ago, due to so many queries we went on to importing and selling Self Cover Buttons direct to the public so they can make their own buttons. We have been the Australian and New Zealand distributors for these wonderful buttons and have many wholesale customers not only making finished products but on-selling our buttons on various craft sites. Wow! things have happened fast!
In 2008 we designed and made all our ORIGINAL Jackobindi DIY Instruction Kits for Hairties, snap clips, bookmarkers, rings, pendants etc etc, the list goes everyone could learn from our experience and we could provide all the tools and components to do so.....thousands of kits have been sold and still do so every day....... we have had a lot of people buy these kits and then copy the KITS to sell as their own idea! Nice! We still stand up as the original and the best and that's nice to know. More and more keep copying them and saying "look at my new business idea!! Awkward!!....."Even though it very frustrating (for me) to put in so much work designing and sourcing products, I suppose the old saying "IMITATION IS THE FINEST FORM OF FLATTERY" rings true, it is nice that people like our products so much they copy them! The instructions are meant to be copied so you can learn to make buttons products....not copy the Kits and sell as your own idea!!

Thanks to all our LOYAL customers for sticking with us and for all your wonderful feedback. xx We really have some beautiful, inspirational, funny and warm customers who we love hearing from and seeing their wonderful creative ideas with our buttons, very rewarding. xx

There will be some more big changes for Jackobindi in 2011 and some VERY EXCITING NEW PRICES AND PRODUCTS!!! Our buying power now means we can offer some HUGELY DISCOUNTED PRICES (plus the great Aussie dollar helps at the moment).......we will not be beaten on price or quality. keep watching....we will be having a break from July 4th and then back BIGGER AND BETTER on July 11th....
Happy Button Making!
Kerrie Jacobs and the wonderful team at Jackobindi xx

Most of you only have communication with me and don't know how many of us it takes to run Jackobindi, I would very much like to thank the following Team Members:
"Button Boy"- where do i start?... the original button counter (don't talk to me while I'm counting!), willing to help me with ANYTHING, telling me I CAN do it when I think I can't and spurring me on to achieve bigger and better.....sometimes warehouse manager and grrrr...always leaving his bike in the way! Pricing expert, Part-time photographer...Wouldn't have even got started without my "Butt Boy" ooops..."Button Boy"! Has a new job these days, not around so much but not forgotten!

Pat the fabric circle cutter extraordinaire, fabric shopping companion/advisor, expert weigher and the best PR manager! My longest Jackobindi employee and still around!

Peter the snap clip and brooch man, Mr Fixit, general handyman and courier, has the most organized and clean work area known to man kind!

Kerrie D my right hand girl (confusing with same name I know!) Expertly packs orders day in, day out, makes up buttons and kits, cleans up the work area! Best of all she tells me I'm a great coffee maker when I'm not! The high heels have now made way for the sneakers (ugg boots next week?!)
Amanda the newest addition, lucky bobby pin counter & bagger, beautiful pendant maker and my very patient market girl!
Sarah for collecting my "non -filed" paperwork and somehow sorting it by BAS time! Thankyou for filling out all those forms I hate filling out and saving me from dealing with the tax department!

Finally, Thanks also to my "little helpers" for their "occasional" help, my beautiful children J, K and I xxx , thankyou for putting up with me working all the time and having to hang out with buttons on your school holidays! I love you guys hanging at the factory with me! xxx


Fantastic new product from JACKOBINDI These stunning bobby pins have a bezel setting to put your 15mm cover buttons into or our crysanthemum resin cabochons fit perfectly also. They look stunning on and very stylish. Lovely platinum silver finish.

Comes in packs of 10, 50 and 100
Look here to find them in store